GL Home Designs

Gyroid Vol. I

We love manufacturing the “Gyroid Vol 1 planter for GL home designs because of the beauty of the results. Visit to purchase.

“The structure itself is a gyroid lattice (an infinite repetition of a gyroid pattern) and is defined by a mathematical geometry but surprisingly enough it is also found in nature, in cells or even gelatin, due to its intrinsic properties.

Our designs are printed from PLA-based materials (Polylactic acid, made essentially from corn) so as to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly work of art, which is biodegradable when exposed to the environment. But not to worry, with the most basic care, they will be safe and sound in your home.

This design was fabricated using 3D printing technology, as this structure is so complex it would be impossible to manufacture otherwise. Each artwork requires over 30 hours of complex material deposition, one micrometer-level layer at a time.”