Marc Jacobs Fairy

We produced this experiential display for a Marc Jacobs storefront and flagship store in California. This intricate 3D print was produced using high resolution industrial grade SLA resin, to produce the highest quality results. The wings themselves are fabricated using CNC machining to cut the clear plexiglass, which was then coated in a layer of translucent purple overcoat to give the wings a see-through purple effect. With the piece printed in multiple parts, then finished in a pearl veneer over black high gloss – the sculpture looks just like what it is intended: a magical fairy. 

For the piece we installed a movable lever and support system, with a wheel attached to allow customers real time interaction. The wheel is attached to the sculpture to create a movable and interactive show stopping peice for the Marc Jacobs showroom. 

This experiential display model stand at 38 x 45 x 6 inches in dimension.