Marc Jacobs Fairy: Appearance Model

Tangible Creative produced this display piece for the Marc Jacobs storefront in Los Angelos, California. This intricate 3D print was produced using high-resolution SLA resin. The colored details on the wings were fabricated using laser-cut vinyl, which was then color-tinted using a translucent purple overcoat to give the wings the see-through purple effect. The Marc Jacobs Fairy was 3D printed in multiple parts then fabricated together. It was finally finished in a pearl veneer over black high-gloss paint, along with the other bright-colored details.

Additionally, the fairy was attached, or rigged, to a movable lever, support system, and functional “steering wheel.” This allowed for customer interaction in the store to create a show-stopping piece for the Marc Jacobs showroom. 

This experiential display piece stands 38 x 45 x 6 inches in dimension.