UPS Trophies

These trophies were made for retiring UPS truck drivers for their annual award ceremony – and it was a blast for our team to be a part of it! For this project we took the creative initiatives of the UPS event organizers and elevated their traditional trophies by making 50 3D printed bull dogs in SLA resin. Along with the transparent dogs, custom bases were also printed in white SLA resin. The bases were engraved via 3D modeling to display the iconic UPS trucks, surrounded by a decorative frame.

Together, our teams wanted to create something that would stand out in the homes of our dedicated delivery people. On UPS’s end, they sought 3D printing with Tangible Creative in order to incorporate new technologies with their traditional trophy design and manufacturing process.

The dogs are modeled after the hood ornaments that are on every UPS truck, and the base, or pedestal, – which was previously made of simple stained wood – now resembles more of a ‘baby grand piano’ due to the high gloss and ultra-black finishing applied over the white SLA resin. 

Our 3D artist first recreated the ‘dog’ hood ornament with 3D digital imaging and computer modeling. Our production team then printed the 50 dog models and their stands. The 50 super-detailed and ultra-clear resin models stand out against the black high gloss finishing on the base on the statues, creating for a beautiful and eye-catching contrast.

We love that we combined our ideas with UPS members in order to create something that the UPS staff can be proud of, and further enjoy within their homes long into the future, and long into their career retirements.

Here we have a story of tradition and public service moving along with updated technology, and a great collaboration!