3D Printing by Industry

Tangible Creative has been servicing the 3D printing needs of various industries since 2016. Our 3D printing services include producing 3D printed models and 3D printed prototypes for 3D printed products and conventionally manufactured items.

Our principals met while students at the Parsons School of Design. Combining expertise in creative, innovative, and sustainable manufacturing with skill and experience in industrial design, Tangible Creative can provide not just 3D printing but also 3D modeling and design services—as well as custom fabrication services. We translate ideas into tangible, physical forms.

We serve a wide variety of industries and use methods best suited to producing the types of models or prototypes they need:

  • Display Marketing: Creative in-store and event displays draw consumers and attendees into the world of a brand’s featured products, a brand’s identity, or the unique nature of a product. 3D printing technology allows for an extreme level of detail and enables encounters with objects from new perspectives. Oversized, life-sized, or miniaturized, your display marketing models will be exactly to scale and fascinating to see, touch, or even walk through or around.
  • Real Estate: We help developers provide a three-dimensional experience of a building that is yet to be a reality; prospective investors and buyers can see the scope and vision of the project. They can imagine themselves inside, outside, and walking around a structure, bringing them closer to the future of the site where the buildings will stand. We can make models of entire developments or single-family homes.
  • Architecture: When a project is in the design stages, architects and their clients benefit from seeing detailed models of the proposed building, getting a feel for the scale of the building and how it sits on its site. 3D printing enables multiple cost-effective iterations and alterations in design for testing.
  • Medical Models: Using biocompatible materials that are safe for contact with the human body, Tangible Creative makes medical models of human organs, bones, and other bodily structures that enable medical students and physicians to accurately understand how injury and disease affect the human body.

At Tangible Creative, we are excited to offer 3D printing by industry. We will use your specifications to create prototypes, models, and custom-fabricated pieces that revolutionize the idea of “illustration.”