Custom Fabrication Service

Custom fabrication is all about building a completely client-directed, one-of-a-kind design and bringing it to fruition. Because of their superior technology, 3D printers can recreate almost any design imaginable, bringing your wildest ideas into reality. All you must do is bring your passion to the table, and we will bring our production expertise.

A Custom Fabrication Roadmap

When using a custom fabrication service like ours at Tangible Creative, we begin with the concept itself. During our first interactions, you can expect to have conversations about:

  • Product Purpose – We want to understand what your item is all about. What does your product do? Who is it for? How do customers apply it? With the product’s purpose in mind, we can tailor the creation to your liking.
  • Product Inspiration – Every great idea begins with a eureka! moment. We want to know about yours. The better we understand the intentions and inspirations behind your thoughts, the better the custom-built displays or items will turn out.
  • Product Appearance – There is more than one 3D printing method, so we want to know how you would prefer your product to appear. Our specialists can fabricate your design using FDM, SLS, and SLA 3D printing machines for various finishes, structures, and compositions.

Service Like No Other

With these ideas on paper, our team of industry experts can move forward with the implementation portion of our custom fabrication service. Once we develop a sample prototype, we’ll send it your way for analysis and revision. Once you feel confident in the quality and appearance of your custom-built displays or products, we will produce the final product in whatever quantity you need.

If you ever have questions along the way, one of our dedicated team members will personally connect with you. Our one-on-one engagement, from design inception to final production, sets our custom fabrication service apart from others. We want you to feel completely connected to every step of your design’s journey.

Tangible Creative can take on a wide variety of custom fabrication projects that bring together our extensive range of skillsets. Past projects include custom-built displays for the launch of FAO Schwartz, vacuum-formed displays for UGG, custom chess pieces for a leading Soho retailer, and a wide variety of other projects. Contact us today to discuss your project and build your future together.