Coca-Cola’s ‘Byte Box’ x Vice: Virtue x Fortnite

We’ve created an influencer release box with Coca-Cola, Vice Virtue and Fortnite. This multifaceted project not only includes our SLA Resin printed boxes, but is also how the public will be able to experience the release of this new, exciting, and gamer-inspired flavor by Coco-Cola. With an aim to integrate gamer-culture with new technologies, Coke commissioned this release box to be 3D printed, and based on an integrative game piece in the Fortnite video game. With powerhouse gamer influencers such as TeamPWR working on the immersive Byte experience, we are excited to also showcase our fabrication abilities.

Upon the unveiling of the new flavor featuring Tangible Creative’s SLA resin printed boxes, gamers and Coca-Cola drinkers alike will get to experience a tangible version of the in-game ‘Byte’ house in the Fortnite metaverse.

To create the Byte box, we rigged a black UV light to expose the rich neon colors, as well as the new flavor can. Further, this immersive experience and fabrication process allowed us to experiment in material replication; not only is the box 3D printed and fabricated in our Newark location – but the box itself gives the austere of steel within the texture, weight, details of Philip-heads screws and the precise dimensions you would typically find of the vintage or old school Coca-Cola steel coolers popular in the 1970’s.

We doubt Coca Cola would have ever thought we’d be 3D printing an updated cooler system in 2022 – but we are sure thrilled to be a part of this collaboration with Fortnight, Vice Virtue and TeamPWR for the release of the limited edition ‘Byte’ flavor.