3D Printing for NYC

Tangible Creative is a 3D printing service in NYC and Newark, New Jersey. With 3D printing services in our NYC and Newark, NJ, facilities, manufacturers and makers in the greater NYC area have the convenience of a collaborator located nearby.

The New York City area is teeming with makers and creators who bring unmatched energy and innovation to design, architecture, fashion, technology, and the arts. Our ability to innovate in partnership with artists, designers, and engineers has resulted in creative collaborations that produced the first 3D printed sneaker, as well as rapidly deployed 3D-printed PPE for New York City area hospitals in desperate need during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tangible Creative specializes in creating highly detailed, complex 3D-printed models and prototypes using a variety of methods. Our capabilities include stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), and fused deposition modeling (FDM). Our skills and experience with these techniques enable us to create architectural models, detailed 3D medical models and illustrations, high-end product prototypes and models, and three-dimensional objects for “experiential marketing” in retail displays and at special events.

The process we select together to create your 3D-printed model or prototype depends on the object’s complexity and need for durability. Where a smooth, beautiful, and colorful appearance is required, the resins employed in the SLA process may be ideal: resin can be sanded, painted, and coated for optimal appearance.

Where strength, durability, or flexibility are critical, the SLS printing process may be ideal. This process fuses layers of powder that support themselves. Nylon for SLS creates a rigid, durable item, where SLS TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) creates a rubbery and flexible item.

The traditional FDM method is faster and can make use of plant-based materials, making it a sustainable method of producing 3D prototypes.

Entrepreneurs seeking 3D printing in NYC and surrounding areas can watch their ideas come into being with our custom 3D printing services. Sometimes, an idea that’s good on the screen becomes great in tangible, touchable 3D form. Holding your idea in your hand gives you a spatial and tactile experience you simply can’t get from viewing a model on a screen. Details come to life, and dimensions are experienced in real, rather than virtual, space. Products, models, and prototypes in physical form allow a deeper and more complete sensory experience than is possible with CAD simulation.

Our experience, expertise, and collaborative approach are why makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and manufacturers in the greater NYC area choose Tangible Creative for 3D printing services in NYC.