American Museum of Natural History
3D Printed Alligator Skull: We 3D-Scanned this alligator skull to create a replica for The Museum of Natural history. The model was printed out of SLS Nylon.
GL Home Designs
Gyroid Vol. I We love manufacturing the “Gyroid Vol 1 planter for GL home designs because of the beauty of the results. Visit to purchase. “The structure itself is a gyroid lattice (an infinite repetition of a gyroid pattern) and is defined by a mathematical geometry but surprisingly enough it is also found in […]
Pendant Light We created and installed this light fixture for Anoush’ella, a restaurant in Boston Massachusetts. The light fixture is made with water-jet cut, powder coated aluminum, and laser-cut acrylic panels.
3D Printed Sneakers: Tangible Creative designed and created these 3D-printed sneakers with custom art by Kyle Steed. The sneakers were created as a part of Bulleit Bourbon’s Frontier Works. The design was sculpted from scratch using Z-Brush to create a sneaker that combined both retro and futuristic elements. The sneakers were created using flexible SLS […]
Branquia — SvH Branquia is a kitchen sink strainer inspired by the filter-feeding filtration system of Manta Rays. Its texture, which mimics Manta Rays gill rakers, is designed to catch even the tiniest pieces of food without clogging.  It has soft flaps on both sides, which allow for an easy pick-up and clean up, which […]
Covid Maker Response
During the Pandemic of 2020, Tangible Creative responded by 3D printing over 30,000 face shields in coordination with (Founded by Tangible, Columbia University Libraries, and Makerbot.) CMR was able to distribute face shields to over 40 NY hospitals during the height of the pandemic. This effort came to together within days, including production, assembly […]
Clarion Partners
Architectural Model: We 3D printed this architectural model of 8777 Washington BLVD in Culver City, CA, for Clarion Partners. The model was created using PLA and Resin on FDM and SLA printers.
Open BCI
Ultracortex EEG Headset: Tangible Creative has been the manufacturing partner for Open BCI since 2016. We manufacture, wire, assemble, and ship Open BCI headsets as one of the core activities of our business. The headsets are 3D printed out of PLA and manufactured at our shop in Newark New Jersey. For More information on Open […]
Wayband: Wayband is a product by Wearworks, “…a haptic design company that delivers detailed and nuanced information, through touch.” The Wayband product “is a wearable that guides you to your destination using only vibrations.” Tangible Creative used 3D Printing to prototype iterations of the product as an integral part of the design process.