3D Modeling & Design Service

Three-dimensional (3D) modeling is a revolutionary method for product creation. However, it’s still a relatively new technology that requires training in new software and machining. Our team at Tangible Creative offers a high-quality 3D modeling and design service to clients—no matter where they are in their production journey.

Steps in the Design Process:

The design process begins with an idea. The conceptual phase of the project is the most important. Our creative team will workshop various ideas with you during this time, crafting a one-of-a-kind model piece by piece. As the ideas flow back and forth, our designers will note the central themes and aspects you want in the final product.

Once the consultation ends, the Tangible Creative team leaps into action on the creative modeling. With the project goals, themes, and concepts in hand, our designers develop a digital rendering of the model. We pass this project sample along to you and await your input. If you need any revisions, we will collaborate on the details until a final rendering is produced.

From Mind To Matter:

Our process is so smooth and simple because our team creates the 3D modeling design in the same system we use for 3D printing. This hyperconnectivity equates to shorter turnaround times, putting a model in your hand in no time. Regardless of material, we provide a seamless transition from design to production.

Customers without an existing 3D model can count on Tangible Creative to help at any stage of the process ranging from initial ideas to complex models that need refinement or repair. Customers with a rough sketch or a pre-drawn 3D model can also engage our services for further finessing. No matter where you are in your creative journey, our 3D modeling and design service takes your imagination and brings it into reality. Contact us to discuss your creative modeling project.