Top Things You Need To Consider When 3D Printing Wearables

Top Things You Need To Consider When 3D Printing Wearables

In the realm of fashion, items reflect the identity of many brands, and it is common to have to meet stringent requirements for both performance and appearance at the same time. So, what goes into making a product with 3D printing that people will wear? Read on to discover the top things you need to consider when 3D printing wearables!


Consumer items must appeal to multiple senses at the same time. You first need functional pieces that are durable and work well, but it doesn’t hurt if you can get them in the colors you like and the styles you love. With 3D printed wearables, you can offer a wide selection of colors and finishes, as well as an elevated level of quality and elegance that matches your brand’s identity. What’s more, you can convey your unique aesthetic by utilizing the design freedom of the medium to produce a product that takes the customer’s breath away.


Start by thinking outside the box to make the most of 3D printing’s unprecedented level of creative freedom. It’s essential to challenge your conventional design norms. Seek out patterns and textures that normally would not be possible without the help of an electrical tool. Furthermore, you want to ensure that quick and easy customization is part of the design and manufacturing process.

Meaningful Innovation

It’s crucial to keep the product’s functional realities in mind when you’re swept away by the possibilities of 3D printing. With a lightweight construction, optimum volume, and textured surfaces, your wearable design is likely a great use of 3D printing. However, you should always consider it first as a product, then as a case for additive manufacturing.


When you allow for the customization of a product to individual tastes, you’ve reached the pinnacle of design freedom. This aspect has been the major impetus for several giant firms that have embraced 3D printing in the last few months: mass customization based on the customers’ requests and measurements. Consider how personalization could provide utility for the end-user if your product suits the wearer’s measurements. In terms of supplier personalization, you might investigate the prospect of providing different textures or aesthetic options that delight your audience.

These suggestions for what to consider when 3D printing wearables should prove helpful for your business ventures! If you lack the hardware required to 3D print your innovative design and are looking for a 3D printing service in New Jersey, reach out to Tangible Creative today! We pride ourselves on our outstanding modeling skills and fast turnaround time. Let us help you get a high-quality model in your hands as soon as possible.