Top Benefits of Utilizing SLS Printing for Business

SLS printing, also known as selective laser sintering, is a process that takes a computer-generated model and produces it using powdered filament. It accomplishes this by using a type of nylon dust that is sintered together as it is deposited. After the model is complete, it gets sent off to a special vacuum that cleans and reveals the solidified model that is a single piece of nylon plastic.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using SLS printing in business.

Strong Prints

One of the main things that many people report as a huge advantage of this technology is the ability to make extremely strong prints. SLS printing can utilize a variety of filament powders and fibers, which are produced to consider the desired strength a printer may need for a 3D print. Because of this, the manufacturer can dictate exactly how much strength they need in their part before sending it to be manufactured, and can opt for the type of nylon, or mixed fiber powder they need beforehand. It goes without saying, but compared to polymer FDM prints, SLS printing is hundreds of times stronger, as well as much more heat- and wear-resistant. The only tradeoff between SLS printing and FDM polymer printing is that polymer prints are less expensive to produce.

Amazing Consistency and Tolerance

SLS printing’s greatest strength is its ability to produce high tolerance parts without much input or adjustment from the operator. Tolerance refers to the maximum precision of measurement needed for parts. In the case of SLS printing, these printers can easily churn out extremely well-fitting parts, all while providing amazing consistency from model to model. As such, these machines are best suited for smaller mechanical projects that require specific measurements and tolerances to function properly within the machine.

Fast Turnaround Time

Unlike typical casting processes that many businesses use to create their metal parts, SLS printing has a relatively fast turnaround time. While not as fast as FDM printing due to the detailed printing process involved, SLS printing is still one of the least time-consuming manufacturing methods, making this type of production great for any business involved in producing smaller batches of highly detailed products.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of the top benefits of using SLS printing for business. If you are interested in custom 3D printing in NYC, be sure to reach out to Tangible Creative today!