The Benefits of Using PLA Plastic for 3D Print Prototyping

The Benefits of Using PLA Plastic for 3D Print Prototyping

PLA (polylactic acid) plastic is a derivation of sugarcane or cornstarch. Because of this, it’s an ideal choice for 3D printing prototyping due to its low cost and ease of use. It has several unique advantages that make it the preferred material for many 3D printing applications. And in this article, we take a closer look at the various benefits of using PLA plastic for 3D print prototyping and how we can help you achieve desirable results with PLA.

Low Cost

PLA plastic is affordable and easy to obtain compared to other 3D printing materials, such as ABS or PLA blends. You can typically purchase it for a fraction of the price of other materials due to its organic sourcing. Additionally, the cost of maintenance is much lower when using PLA as opposed to other materials due to its low warping and shrinking rates. It’s essential to note that just because PLA plastic is more cost-effective, that doesn’t mean it suits every application.

Versatile Properties

Another incredible benefit of PLA plastic is how versatile it is, making it suitable for a range of 3D printing applications. Its flexibility allows it to work in intricate designs, such as living hinges (flexible bearings) or complex structures with thin walls. It can also handle higher temperatures than other materials without deforming, allowing for more precise printing processes. Due to the versatility and flexibility, it’s a great resource for prototyping models in both the consumer and industrial realms.

Easy To Work With

PLA is a great choice for 3D print prototyping as it is much easier to handle than other materials. It doesn’t require the use of heated build plates or enclosed chambers to print successfully, making it more accessible to those new to 3D print demands. PLA has low warping and shrinking rates, which makes post-processing much easier.

Environmentally Friendly

Understandably, a significant benefit of using PLA plastic for 3D print prototyping is how environmentally friendly the resource is. Environmentally conscious individuals and businesses gravitate toward PLA because it comes from renewable resources like cornstarch and sugarcane. It’s also biodegradable, making it a great option for producing one-off prototypes and low-volume products with minimal environmental impact.

PLA plastic is an ideal choice for 3D print prototyping due to its low cost, versatile properties, easy working characteristics, and environmentally friendly nature. Here at Tangible Creative, we offer custom and affordable PLA 3D printing services for a wide range of applications. We provide precision, accuracy, and the highest quality print prototypes for your distinct needs. Partner with us today to begin creating your custom print solutions!