Making Lemonade Out of Supply Chain Disruptions

Nevaris A.C., co-founder and CEO of Tangible Creative, a 3D printing and industrial designer, discussed how the pandemic has shaped the role of his company. “Our goal wasn’t to come in and be the hero,” he said. “Our goal was to help in the moment because we knew we could do it quickly.”

“I think it’s important to have the case study to show the beautiful aspects that were able to happen with additive manufacturing,” said A.C. “But not contribute to the fantasy of ‘we just made these out of nothing in our kitchen.’ There are many, many moving parts to make this happen.”

“Is a traditional path what we need in order to respond to these kind of things? Are our business models what’s going to help us?” he said. “I’m not saying to get rid of them, but to supplement them for these moments of crisis, whether it be hurricanes or pandemics.”