Real Estate 3D Printing

Real Estate 3D Printing

Whether it’s a single-family home or a large development, real estate 3D printing makes any design come to life. Before you can build or show model homes, you can use residential 3D models to give prospective buyers a realistic experience of what their new home will look like. A 3D-printed house model provides a much more immersive experience that enables future homeowners to picture themselves living in the home the model depicts.

Depending on client needs, Tangible Creative can create residential 3D models with moving parts, detailed renderings of different elevations, or cross-sections showing staircases, doorways, and windows.

3D printing in real estate improves upon older “diorama” type methods that consumed floor space in sales trailers at residential developments. With 3D-printed house models, architects and designers can meet privately with buyers to discuss finishes and details. Tangible Creative can make models that a client can paint or coat to give a more realistic sense of what the home will look like when it is built.

Likewise, developers of multi-family apartment, townhome, or condominium properties can improve upon simulated 360-degree tours or flat graphics with more realistic models. Unlike flat graphics on a screen, residential 3D models allow potential buyers or residents to touch and, when displayed on a table or desk, walk around the model to get a better idea of how the homes fit on their site and relate to each other in the overall plan.

Tangible Creative has been creating 3D models and prototypes for architectural firms, medical model manufacturers, consumer products, and real estate developers since 2016, using the most sophisticated methods and materials available for producing 3D-printed objects.

Our business is devoted to sustainability, minimizing waste, and, where possible, using biodegradable or recyclable materials. We don’t allow single-use plastic in our facility. You can rest assured that when you use our services for real estate 3D printing, we develop your model with the environment in mind.

Contact Tangible Creative before you open your next sales center or build your next residential home model. Our residential 3D models enhance your sales presentations and bring physical reality to your designs.