3D-Printed Medical Models

Even the best computerized 3D image simulations can’t provide the tactile, experiential representations of the human body that 3D-printed medical models do. 3D printed medical illustrations depict the progress of disease, the nature of injury, or simply the structure of organs and bones. Anatomical models provide the best, most lifelike, tactile experience for medical students and the most detailed educational tools for medical schools.

Tangible Creative makes 3D-printed anatomical models to assist in training new doctors or to help physicians explain disease, injury, or the normal functioning of organs and bodily systems to patients. Being able to disassemble and reassemble 3D medical illustrations that provide physical representations of organs, bones, or muscular structures gives students and patients alike a better understanding of the functioning of healthy bodies. It can also help individuals understand the deterioration disease can cause.

Surgical students and patients want to understand exactly what will happen during surgery. We create 3D-printed medical illustrations that can provide a lifelike view of each step of a surgical process.

Likewise, dental students need realistic 3D models to simulate the structures of the teeth and jaws. 3D-printed dental models give the most realistic representation of the mouth, so dental students can gain a true understanding of its components before encountering a live dental patient.

Tangible Creative uses the most up-to-date methods and materials to produce 3D-printed medical models that provide precise detail and accuracy. Computers guide the fabrication of these models based on intricate and exacting instructions, resulting in 3D-printed medical and dental models that are true to scale and true to life.

Whether you run a private medical or dental practice, lead a teaching hospital department, or chair secondary or post-secondary courses in human physiology, Tangible Creative can produce the 3D-printed anatomical models you need to provide clarity to students and patients alike. Contact us today to discuss your needs for 3D-printed medical or dental models. We will work with you to provide the models you need and produce them with extreme precision and detail.