3D-Printed Product Displays

Tangible Creative makes 3D-printed product displays for various industries. Perfectly scaled appearance models are representations of products that bring brands to life for in-store customers. Transform product launch events into memorable experiences with precisely scaled 3D printed displays, allowing attendees to occupy your event space in real-time with physical models of your products.

At Tangible Creative, we use the time-tested stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing method and resin materials to render custom product displays. These pieces can be finished by sanding, painting, and clear coating for a smooth and realistic appearance.

As the first type of 3D printing developed, SLA printing uses computer-guided lasers to cure photosensitive resin one layer at a time in a process called photopolymerization. For designs requiring an extra-smooth surface, some printers include a blade that smooths the layers as they are built.

Once the object is removed from the resin tank, or “vat,” isopropyl alcohol and water clean it. If the design requires support structures, we remove them at this stage; then, we cure the exterior of the object with UV light. After one more water washing, the piece is ready for finishing, which may include painting and coating it.

Custom product displays from Tangible Creative set your brand apart in-store or at launch, brand, or industry events. The precision afforded by the SLA laser process creates excellent resolution and fine details to create appearance models that accurately represent your product.

At Tangible Creative, our services aren’t limited to printing; we also provide custom fabrication services focused on our client’s vision. By combining your passion with our expertise, we can create almost any object you can imagine, in touchable, physical, 3D form.

Our process begins with your inspiration and moves through a discussion of your product’s purpose and appearance. The appearance you want guides the 3D printing method we choose, as each of the three methods we use creates different structures and affords different finishes, and we want to create an appearance model that embodies your vision in tangible form.

In addition to SLA printing described above, we also can use fused deposition modeling (“FDM”) or fused filament fabrication (“FFF”). Perhaps the most familiar type of extrusion 3D printing, FDM printing creates models of varying strength and flexibility. Thermoplastic materials available include polylactic acid (“PLA”), which is biodegradable.

Another method available is selective laser sintering (“SLS”), which is an industrial 3D-printing process capable of producing highly detailed models with moveable parts.

When we create 3D-printed displays for you, we consult with you at every stage to ensure we answer all your questions. You’ll review prototypes, and we’ll make adjustments until you are entirely satisfied. Contact Tangible Creative before your next product launch or industry event for custom product displays that will surprise and delight retail customers in-store and attendees at your next event.