Architectural 3D-Printing Services

Tangible Creative is proud to provide 3D-printed architecture models for prestigious building projects. Use our creative and industrial design skills to give physical form to your vision for your next commission.

Since 2016, Tangible Creative has provided architectural 3D-printing services using the latest technology with time-tested methods and the best materials available. We can create intricate models with moving parts, overhangs, and detailed geometric features that show your vision to its best advantage.

When we create custom-fabricated 3D-printed building models, we work with you every step of the way to ensure the result will be exactly as you imagined it. Clients can peer into hallways; view stairways, escalators, and elevators; and gain an appreciation for common areas with precisely scaled 3D-printed architecture models.

Depending on your design’s intricacy, we can create 3D-printed architectural models that accept paint and coatings or give a tactile experience of the texture of internal and external walls. Details can include light fixtures, outlets, railings, and cantilevered or parabolic roofs.

Using stereolithography (“SLA”), fused deposition modeling (“FDM”), or selective laser sintering (“SLS”) methods, we can create a perfectly scaled representation of the building you designed that shows clients every detail and answers every question they may have about what goes where.

Because the 3D-printing process is computer-guided, the precision of the print is unmatched. We will work with you to select the best method and materials to provide the most realistic and beautiful rendering of your design.

Many architectural clients are acutely concerned with sustainability. While you would include green features—perhaps even to the level of LEED certification—in your design, we are conscious of the environment in everything we do.

We are committed to environmental responsibility by minimizing waste while also maintaining transparency about the challenges our commitment sometimes entails. For example, we work with polylactic acid (“PLA”), a biodegradable material, but finding composting facilities that understand the material can be difficult.

Whatever the challenges, Tangible Creative has the skill and expertise in architectural 3D-printing services to provide the results you want in precise and intricate detail. Contact us today to discuss how we can help present your next commission.