How Companies Can Reduce Production Costs With 3D Printing

How Companies Can Reduce Production Costs With 3D Printing

Production costs are among the biggest expenses that manufacturing companies must contend with on a daily basis. Production costs cover everything from the inception and creation of models to the fabrication and processing of them. Because this is such an overarching term, it can be hard to figure out ways to reduce production costs overall. However, 3D printing has presented many new technologies that help companies reduce production costs. Read on to find out how companies can reduce production costs with 3D printing.

Packaging Is a Breeze

One of the biggest ways companies can reduce production costs with 3D printing is by using this technology when packaging their products. In most cases, packaging is one of the costliest processes involved in the distribution of various products. Packaging is often done with the use of clamshell boxes that are created through injection molding. This is an energy inefficient and extremely dangerous process, as it utilizes heat in a mold to shape thermoplastics that may catch on fire. Compare this with 3D printing, which is an extremely fast, accurate, and safe process, and the benefits will start to shine.

Cut Time Out of Expensive Injection Molding Processes

The use of 3D printing also reduces the time it takes to process certain plastics. Injection molding requires a certain amount of time for the plastic to cool and adhere to the mold. With 3D printing, this is not the case, especially with smaller packaging that can be printed at an extremely fast rate compared with injection molding.

Customization at a Reasonable Cost

The last and probably most impactful way that companies can reduce production costs with 3D printing is through customization. Typically, this comes with a huge price tag because a fair amount of retooling and recalibration is necessary to produce custom fabricated objects using traditional manufacturing methods. However, this is not the case with 3D printing, as the fabricated object is printed separately every single time. This means it can be extremely easy for a technician to change the 3D printed files on the fly before the production process starts. Furthermore, no retooling is required, which can save the company time and money.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of the ways that companies can use 3D printing to reduce production costs. If you are looking for a 3D printing company in NYC, be sure to reach out to Tangible Creative today!