How 3D Printing Continues To Improve Architecture

How 3D Printing Continues To Improve Architecture

It’s no secret that 3D printing is extremely beneficial to any architectural endeavor, as this technology is excellent at conveying any modeling procedure. However, many people who are not versed in this area will wonder how 3D printing is used in this industry to help better understand architecture projects. Read on to understand how 3D printing continues to improve architecture.

3D Modeling Saves Time

One of the biggest ways that 3D printing continues to improve architecture is by allowing you to save time in the design and production process. Before 3D printing was commonly used in architecture, models were created by hand, meaning a huge amount of time and effort had to be invested in the modeling process. While this may have turned out more detailed designs, it also meant that projects took longer to complete because they needed to accommodate the speed of production. However, the turnaround time is virtually nonexistent with 3D printing, meaning that you can continually refine your architecture models until you feel satisfied without having to invest a ton of hours into the project.

Flexibility in the Design Process

Before 3D printing, many architectural models were constrained by the types of tools they could use to build a model. 3D printing makes it easy to complete many types of designs in a very specific fashion without having to worry about the model collapsing under its own weight. Additionally, the polymers typically used for 3D printing are very strong, meaning you can print unorthodox objects very easily and in ways that you couldn’t with other modeling techniques.

Turn Your Drawings Into Real Life Models

One of the biggest benefits of 3D printing in the architectural world is that it allows you to turn your drawings into scale models in a very short time. One of the hardest parts of any architecture job is translating a drawing into a 3D object that looks realistic. Computer-aided design software combines two processes of drawing and modeling into one easy-to-understand format, drastically reducing the turnaround time for modeling.

We hope that this guide has made it clear how 3D printing continues to improve architecture! If you are looking to use this technology in the form of an SLA printing service to help with your modeling needs, reach out to Tangible Creative today!