3D Printing for Architects

Whether it’s a public commission, a competition, or a private client’s dream house, 3D printing for architects brings vision into reality. A touchable, tangible 3D printed architectural model shows how a building’s design will occupy space on its designated site.

Architectural 3D printing can create highly detailed architectural 3D models that show every angle of a building’s facade. It takes the viewer inside the building to show corridors, staircases, escalators, elevators, and moving walkways. Depending on the 3D process and materials used, a 3D-printed architectural model can even have moving parts.

Complex designs are no problem for Tangible Creative’s 3D architectural printing processes. For example, selective laser sintering (“SLS”) fuses particles of powdered material together, and a computer-guided laser creates a solid model from those bonded particles.

The SLS process is and ideal for architectural 3D printing, as it can create detailed, complex 3D objects. The precision of the CAD-guided laser enables overhangs, moving parts, interior mechanisms, and interlocking parts.

At Tangible Creative, we can combine different 3D-printing processes to create architectural models for all types of buildings, from airport terminals to residential buildings. Our 3D printing for architects enables professionals to demonstrate their designs as whole, physical objects in a far more accessible and realistic way than a simulated 360° tour could ever do.

Look at a few examples of our 3D architectural printing projects. You’ll see the level of detail that’s possible and how 3D architectural models provide the experience of a physical encounter with the building in space.

Working with Tangible Creative can be a collaborative process. We can do architectural 3D printing in stages, akin to phases of development of a site. We can create cross-sections or multiple iterations of a design in order to test ideas prior to making the final model. Bring us your vision, and we will work with you to create the precise computerized instructions necessary to produce your complex and innovative design. When the model is ready, clients will marvel at the detail and precision that 3D architectural printing provides. The accuracy and exactitude are unlike and far beyond earlier, manually created models.

When your next design is ready for a model, contact Tangible Creative to provide a state-of-the-art, 3D-printed, detailed replica that captures all the nuance and complexity of your vision.