5 Fun and Fascinating Facts About 3D Printing

5 Fun and Fascinating Facts About 3D Printing

You may already use 3D printing, but here are some interesting facts about it that you may not be aware of. Indeed, as a 3D printing business, we notice people’s misconceptions about this cutting-edge technology on a daily basis! That is why we created this article for you. In this article, we highlight the great and numerous applications of additive manufacturing and demonstrate the technology’s full potential. Here are some fun and fascinating facts about 3D printing!

1. 3D Printing Is Older Than You Think

People frequently regard additive manufacturing as a brand-new manufacturing method. However, this technology isn’t all that new. When the general public learned about FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology and nylon filament in the 2000s, 3D printing became quite popular. However, additive manufacturing has a far longer history! Scientists published the first 3D printing experiments and patents in the 1980s.

2. 3D Printing Is a French Invention

Indeed, 3D printing started in France. In 1984, Jean-Claude André, Alain le Méhauté, and Olivier de Witte filed the initial patent for this game-changing technique, but things didn’t proceed as planned. The American Charles Hull is widely credited with the invention.

3. There Are Numerous 3D Printing Techniques

Although many people associate 3D printing with FDM technology and desktop 3D printers, there are several different types of 3D printing methods. However, 3D printing is not the only technique available. Different 3D printing procedures and materials are available on the market, ranging from plastic to metal and resin.

4. 3D Printing Is Not Only a Prototyping Technique 

People often use 3D printing for prototyping. It is a great way to generate functioning prototypes, but that is not the only use for this technique. People use 3D printing for other means as well. Additive manufacturing, for example, is becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing.

5. 3D Printing Materials Are More Numerous That What You Think

Many materials work well with 3D printing. When it comes to plastic, metal, and resin, the possibilities are endless. Researchers are working on new materials so that this technology may meet any purpose. Wood, ceramics, and 3D printed flesh are all examples of 3D printed materials. Yes, the possibilities for materials are limitless.

We hope you enjoyed our recap of some of the most fun and fascinating facts about 3D printing! If you are looking to hire a 3D printing service, be sure to reach out to Tangible Creative today!