3 Examples of 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

3 Examples of 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

In the car manufacturing industry, two main standards are prioritized: quality and efficiency. Because those two standards often intersect, alternative methods that speed up the process, such as 3D printing, increase in value. The better a company can produce its parts at a high quality, the more efficient they become. To better gauge how important efficiency is, here are three examples of 3D printing in the automotive industry.

Concept Modeling

One of the most interesting and useful ways that 3D printing has been included in car manufacturing is in the planning phase. Car models are wonderful to look at in the form of a 3D render, but digital modeling only goes so far. A physical model makes a world of difference when tweaking the final design. 3D modeling allows those adjustments and changes to be seen before going into deeper steps of the process.

Specialized Parts

Smaller areas of a car call for unique parts that can fulfill specific functions. However, instead of requiring new manufacturing methods for smaller valves and gears, 3D printers have found another way into the game. Specialized parts are created using highly heat-resistant materials with great success.

Cosmetic Additions

There is a large audience of customers who want to personalize the exterior of their vehicles. The average consumer is not out of the market regarding custom-made car parts either. For example, 3D printing companies in New York can create custom designs for more cosmetic additions to vehicles. Though these parts are not integral to the car’s operation, more efficient production processes allow a wider audience to benefit from the increased efficiency.

Car manufacturing is a vast industry always looking for ways to improve current production methods. Using new technologies makes various car parts, repairs, and additions more readily available. These three examples of 3D printing in the automotive industry are worth considering for the future of car assembly.