Bulleit Frontier Whiskey is unlikely brand behind 3D-printed sneakers

Bulleit is having a 3D printer moment. 

The whiskey brand has unveiled limited-edition sneakers made with the technology as part of a collaboration with Dallas-based street artist Kyle Steed and industrial designers Tangible Creative.

Bulleit is on a mission to celebrate those who are pushing the frontier of their craft and share the same pioneering spirit that the brand was founded on.

“What was really special about that was that we were able to explore new frontiers with the support of the brand and really dig deep into research and development to make something that was new and cutting-edge,” said Nevaris Crawford, CEO of Tangible Creative.

“There are a number of limitations with 3D right now and accessibility, but Bulleit pushed us to create something that was both practical yet boundary-pushing using some of the latest materials out there.