Emerging 3D Printing Trends: Developments in 3D Printing

Emerging 3D Printing Trends: Developments in 3D Printing

In the world of technology, change simultaneously seems to happen quickly and not fast enough. This is the case with 3D printing—the increase in printing capacity doesn’t often match the developmental pace of material options or software tools. Here is a deeper look at the emerging 3D printing trends and developments.

Wider Range of Materials

3D printing is so revolutionary and popular because it fills a gap many industries didn’t know they had. While the current models and functions continue to develop, the number of material options seem to limit creativity. But new application-specific materials are on the horizon. Plastics and polymers dominated the market in the earliest years, but now, metals, ceramics, and glass are growing contenders in a diversifying industry. With a more comprehensive array to choose from, professionals now have the capacity to make the most of their 3D printers and champion a tool that will change their businesses.

More Detailed Software

Whether creatives work with graphic design tools or 3D printing applications, design software is the playground wherein the best minds concoct new and beautiful things. Software engineers must work fast to keep up with the advancements in hardware capacities, especially when it comes to 3D printing. An emerging trend that will undoubtedly continue is the presence of more complex software that gives engineers a more extensive suite of tools.

Larger Production Volumes

3D printing has already blown past its original boundaries. Companies can produce items that are large in both scope and scale. However, the quantity of these items and speed of production limit the efficacy of these tools. Due to the massive increase in 3D printer usage, the industry needs the ability to mass-produce items quickly. As the market for 3D printers continues to skyrocket, you can expect the capacity for larger production volumes to grow as well.

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